How to Buy Shoes Online that Fit: The Ultimate Guide

Hello Reader, buying shoes online can be challenging when it comes to finding the right fit. However, with the right knowledge and guidance, you can reduce the chances of ending up with shoes that don’t fit correctly. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about buying shoes online that fit like a glove. From measuring your feet to understanding sizing charts, we’ve got you covered. Let’s dive in!

Why Should You Buy Shoes Online?

👍 Convenience

👍 Wider Selection

👍 Competitive Prices

👍 Reduced Social Interaction

If you’re a busy person who doesn’t have time to go to physical stores and browse through thousands of shoes, buying shoes online can be a life-saver. Moreover, online stores provide a broader selection, which means you’re more likely to find the perfect pair that fits your style and preferences. Additionally, online stores often offer competitive prices and frequent sales. Finally, if you don’t like social interaction, shopping online will allow you to shop in peace and quiet.

How to Measure Your Feet Accurately

📏 Get a ruler and a piece of paper

📏 Trace your feet on the paper

📏 Measure the longest distance and the widest distance of each foot

Measuring your feet accurately is crucial when it comes to buying shoes online that fit. Start by getting a ruler and a piece of paper and tracing your feet on the paper. Next, measure the longest distance and the widest distance of each foot. Always measure your feet in the afternoon or evening since our feet tend to swell over the day.

Understanding Shoe Sizing Charts

📈 Different sizing systems

📈 Brands have their sizing charts

📈 Always check the measurement requirements

Shoe sizing charts can be confusing since different brands and regions use different sizing systems. Moreover, each brand has its sizing charts, so you should always check their measurement requirements before placing your order. Make sure to order based on your foot measurements, not your shoe size.

Types of Shoes that are Easier to Buy Online

👟 Running Shoes

👡 Sandals

👞 Casual Shoes

👠 Flats

Certain types of shoes are easier to buy online since they tend to have a more consistent fit. Running shoes, for example, have a standard structure that allows for more wiggle room. Sandals, casual shoes, flats, and many other types of shoes don’t require a precise fit, making them more comfortable to buy online.

The Pros and Cons of Buying Shoes Online


1. Convenience

Buying shoes online is convenient since you can access multiple stores and brands from anywhere, anytime. You don’t need to go out or dress up, and the shoes get delivered to your doorstep.

2. Wider Selection

Physical stores have limited space, so they can’t stock as many shoes as online stores. Moreover, online stores often have access to international brands that may not be available locally.

3. Competitive Prices

Online stores generally offer competitive prices and frequent sales, making it easier to find high-quality shoes within your budget.

4. Reduced Social Interaction

Some people prefer to avoid social interaction when shopping, and buying shoes online allows them to shop in peace and quiet.


1. No Physical Inspection or Fitting

When shopping online, you can’t inspect the shoes in person before buying or try them on to ensure they fit correctly.

2. Size Inconsistencies

Different brands and regions use different sizing systems, making it challenging to find the right size if you’re not familiar with the brand.

3. No Immediate Gratification

When you buy shoes online, you can’t wear them immediately, and sometimes may take several days or weeks to arrive.

How to Buy Shoes Online that Fit: Step by Step Guide

Steps Description
1 Measure your feet accurately
2 Understand different sizing systems and check the brand’s measurement requirements
3 Read reviews and feedback from other customers
4 Check the return policy and shipping cost
5 Order two sizes and return the one that doesn’t fit
6 Try the shoes on a carpeted surface and walk around the house
7 Check for blisters, tightness, and overall comfort

Frequently Asked Questions about Buying Shoes Online

1. How do I know my shoe size?

You can measure your feet accurately using a ruler and paper or use a foot-measuring device.

2. Do different brands have the same shoe size?

No. Different brands and regions use different sizing systems, making it essential to check their measurement requirements.

3. Can I return the shoes if they don’t fit?

Most online stores have a return policy, but some may charge a restocking fee or shipping cost.

4. How long does it take for the shoes to arrive?

It depends on the store’s shipping policy and your location.

5. Can I trust the online store’s sizing chart?

It’s best to measure your feet and check the store’s measurement requirements to ensure you order the right size.

6. How do I break in new shoes?

You can break in new shoes by wearing them for short periods, gradually increasing the duration, and stretching the shoes using a stretching tool or stuffing them with socks.

7. How do I take care of my shoes?

You can take care of your shoes by cleaning them regularly, storing them in a cool and dry place, and using appropriate shoe care products.

8. What if the shoe I want is out of stock?

You can sign up for a waiting list or contact the store’s customer service to see when they’ll restock.

9. How do I know if the online store is legitimate?

You can verify the online store’s legitimacy by checking their reviews, customer service, and refund policies.

10. Can I order shoes for someone else?

Yes, but make sure to measure their feet accurately and check their measurement requirements.

11. Can I customize my shoes when buying online?

It depends on the brand and the store’s customization options.

12. Can I track my order?

Most online stores have a tracking system that allows you to track your order’s status.

13. How do I know if the shoes fit correctly?

You can check if the shoes fit correctly by walking around comfortably, checking for blisters or tightness, and ensuring there’s enough wiggle room and support.

Conclusion: Time to Take Action!

Now that you know everything about buying shoes online that fit, it’s time to take action. Always measure your feet accurately, understand sizing charts and different sizing systems, and read reviews and feedback from other customers. Don’t forget to check the return policy and shipping cost and try the shoes on a carpeted surface before wearing them outside. Finally, take care of your shoes, and they’ll take care of your feet in return. Happy shoe shopping!


Buying shoes online can be convenient and cost-effective if you follow the guidelines and tips provided in this guide. However, the information in this guide is for educational purposes only, and we’re not responsible for any negative experience or outcome. Always do your research and consult with professionals before making any purchase.

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