How Wide Are VivoBarefoot Shoes?

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Nowadays, people are becoming conscious of their health more than ever before. That’s why fitness enthusiasts, who want to keep their feet healthy, prefer VivoBarefoot shoes. These shoes received a lot of attention from the fitness community for their design that mimics walking barefoot. The question that arises frequently, however, is “How wide are VivoBarefoot shoes?”

What are VivoBarefoot Shoes?

VivoBarefoot shoes are footwear, specially designed to simulate a barefoot walking experience. The human foot is an intricate biomechanical masterpiece, but most shoes do not support its natural design, making walking uncomfortable and sometimes harmful. The brand VivoBarefoot gets inspiration from how footwear was made thousands of years ago, by creating shoes that are flat, flexible, and wide enough to naturally accommodate your feet. These shoes are made while keeping the anatomy of feet in mind.

What are the Dimensions of VivoBarefoot Shoes?

VivoBarefoot shoes are not sold by the traditional shoe size system, but rather by the length and width of the foot. These dimension measurements of the feet, when coupled with the brand’s size chart, give you the perfect size of VivoBarefoot shoes for you. The width of VivoBarefoot shoes is measured in millimeters, with sizes ranging from 72mm to 106 mm. To find the right VivoBarefoot shoe size, you need to make sure that the width and length of your foot fit the shoe.

Strengths and Weaknesses of VivoBarefoot Shoes


1. Mimics Barefoot Walking: One of the biggest advantages of VivoBarefoot shoes is their barefoot walking design. They offer the closest experience you can get to walking barefoot without being barefoot. This means more natural foot movements, helping to improve your foot’s natural strength and flexibility.

2. Foot Health: Walking barefoot or walking in minimalist shoes like VivoBarefoot shoes could help to improve joint alignment and arch support. It can also reduce your risk of foot injury and pain.

3. Versatile:VivoBarefoot shoes can be used for different activities such as trail running, hiking, and casual walking. VivoBarefoot shoe design is versatile and perfect for every type of activity that involves feet movement.

4. Eco-Friendly: VivoBarefoot shoes are made of recycled materials, which help in reducing carbon footprint, making them eco-friendly footwear.


1. Takes Time to Adjust: Walking barefoot or in minimalist shoes can be uncomfortable for some people initially. It can take time to adjust to walking barefoot, and some people may experience pain or discomfort while adapting.

2. limited protection: VivoBarefoot shoes offer no protection against external elements like rocks or sharp objects. Since they are only made for walking and running, to walk on more rugged terrain, you should search for the type of shoe suitable for the job.

3. Moisture Retention: VivoBarefoot shoes are not waterproof, which means they will retain moisture that could cause the foot to become wet and uncomfortable.

4. Not Everyone’s Cup Of Tea: Although VivoBarefoot shoes have many benefits, they are not for everyone. Some people might find it challenging to walk or run in them because of the exposed nature without any cushioning or support.

What Are the Widths Of VivoBarefoot Shoes?

All around the world, people have different types and sizes of feet. VivoBarefoot shoes are designed while keeping those variations in mind. The widths of VivoBarefoot shoes are as given below:

Size(mm) Width in inches Width in Centimeters
72mm 2.83in 7.24cm
74mm 2.91in 7.39cm
76mm 2.99in 7.54cm
80mm 3.15in 8.00cm
82mm 3.23in 8.16cm
84mm 3.31in 8.41cm
86mm 3.39in 8.61cm
88mm 3.46in 8.79cm
90mm 3.54in 8.99cm
92mm 3.62in 9.21cm
94mm 3.70in 9.40cm
96mm 3.78in 9.61cm
98mm 3.86in 9.80cm
100mm 3.94in 10.01cm
102mm 4.02in 10.21cm
104mm 4.09in 10.41cm
106mm 4.17in 10.61cm

Frequently Asked Questions About the Widths of VivoBarefoot Shoes

1. Are VivoBarefoot shoes comfortable?

Yes, with proper adjustment and a little bit of time to get used to, VivoBarefoot shoes can be very comfortable. They are designed to allow your feet to move naturally with each step, without creating any excess pressure in any one spot.

2. What happens if the VivoBarefoot shoes are too narrow for my feet?

If VivoBarefoot shoes are too narrow for your feet, it could create pressure points and make walking and running in the shoes painful. Make sure to measure your feet according to the brand’s size chart for a perfect fit.

3. Can VivoBarefoot shoes be resoled?

Yes. VivoBarefoot shoes can be resoled, but it is a little bit difficult to find shoe repair shops that specialize in them. However, the company offers a recrafting program that recrafts them completely.

4. How long do VivoBarefoot shoes last?

With proper care and use, VivoBarefoot shoes can easily last for more than a year. However, the lifespan of the shoe will depend upon the intensity, frequency, and types of activities it is used for.

5. Can VivoBarefoot shoes be worn in winter?

Yes, VivoBarefoot has shoes designed for winter months. The footwear is designed to handle different types of weather conditions, including snow and rain.

6. Do VivoBarefoot shoes have arch support?

No. VivoBarefoot shoes are designed to mimic barefoot walking, which means there is a complete absence of arch support. This absence of arch support helps in the strengthening of foot muscles and creating more inherent arch support.

7. How do I measure the width of my feet?

The width of your feet needs to be measured through the use of a Brannock device or by measuring the width using a tape measure.


In conclusion, VivoBarefoot shoes are a great choice for anyone looking to keep their feet healthy or those who prefer a more natural movement with their footwear. They are comfortable, versatile, and eco-friendly. However, they are not for everyone and may take some time to adjust to. When it comes to the question “How wide are VivoBarefoot shoes?” the simple answer is that the widths range from 72mm to 106mm. Make sure to measure your feet according to the brand’s size chart for a perfect fit that will ensure maximum benefits for your feet health.

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